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Laptop boots to black screen
To provide the backstory first: I have an Asus G73 gaming laptop (Win7, 64 bit, SP1) that I purchased back in 2010. In the past week there were some files released on Windows Update, and my computer constantly failed to install them after multiple attempts. The error codes suggested I had some malware on my computer.

Microsoft Security Essentials told me I had Trojan:Alureon.A on my computer. MSE didn't seem to remove it effectively, so I used Kaspersky TDSSkiller to "cure" the computer. For good measure, afterward I used Malwarebytes, Spybot Search & Destroy, and the MSERT Microsoft Security Scanner to make absolutely sure the computer was clean.

Now, despite multiple reboot attempts, my computer keeps logging on to a black screen with nothing on it but the mouse cursor. The cursor can move around normally, but otherwise there is no interface. The mouse buttons and keyboard buttons don't allow me to do anything. I have tried to boot in low-resolution video (640x480) but the problem is still there.

However, when I boot in safe mode with networking (this is what I'm doing right now), I am taken to the desktop normally. Not sure what other steps I can take, although the one thing I really don't want to do is format my hard drive/reinstall Windows.

Any thoughts? Is this a problem with my display drivers, or some kind of extremely nasty and resilient virus?

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