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Lightbulb Getting older games to work
It's starting to feel like the DOS days again. Got any tips for making older games run better? By "older" I'm talking from around 2001 to 2008. I've got a couple:

Far Cry (the original)
Far Cry came out in 2004, at about the same time that dual-core Pentiums began to appear. As as result, the game is not designed to recognize a multi-core environment or play nice in it. You can get rid of game stuttering by starting the task manager after you start the game and setting the Affinity to a single core under the Processes tab. This will help in other games, too.

A lot of older games don't recognize or take advantage of two or more graphics cards. Fortunately, you can set up custom game profiles in your cards control panel. A custom profile that disables Crossfire fixed a really annoying flickering issue I had with this game.

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