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Re: Getting older games to work
If you do go with XP, there is a few things that are a little awkward getting the OS going for the first time. Depending on which Disk you start from, you have different levels of updates to cover. A few things I can remember is updating to SP3 is best done with the network professional update disk... get the .iso from MS before you start your journey. You can get XP pre-SP1 origianl boxed release to load on a new system, and every version after, but getting drivers to work pre-sp2 is good humor..... Just get the network up first and eventually update to SP3 and I remember the .net framework stuff was a little hassle.

An irritating thing that happens is that the original home page that loads in IE for MSN will simply bomb and close the page before you can do anything. Fortunately, the page that opens when you access windows update from computer properties is not that page, and it loads fine... from there you can reset your home page to google or something and start pecking away at the updates.

Anyway, after a combination of nearly a couple hundred updates, and the SP3 disk, XP runs rock solid in a fast system... You probably remember that things can get messed up, and it doesn't self maintenance well, so a good plan of action is to put it on it's own HD and image it 100% once you get the updated system going.
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