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Laptop keeps shutting off
I have an Asus G73 gaming laptop (Win7, 64 bit, SP1) that I purchased back in 2010. I unplugged it the last time I shut it down, since I always read that it's bad to keep your laptop plugged in all the time.

I turned it on today and started playing Mass Effect 3, having forgotten that the laptop was still unplugged and was just running off the battery. After noticing that ME3's performance was much worse than usual, I plugged the laptop back into the AC adapter, and the laptop immediately turned off and would not turn back on.

I unplugged it, removed the AC adapter from the wall, removed the battery, and held down the power button for a full minute. Plugged it back in, kept the battery out, and was able to turn it on--it booted, but after a few minutes of routine web surfing, it shut down by itself. I put the battery back in and received the orange light indicating that the battery was being recharged, then I booted the laptop, and once again it shut down on its own after a few minutes.

Is this a static discharge of some type that hasn't quite dissipated yet, or have I fried something beyond repair?
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