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Re: What was the last game you played: New Era
Contract J.A.C.K. sucked.
As an addition to the NOLF series, it's horribly out of place and simply doesn't fit.
The lack of any stealth options, gadgets... and the writing/humor is a huge step below what was found in NOLF 1 or 2.

Though, Monolith trying a more "balls to the wall" style of shooting in Contract JACK (even though it wasn't that great, since the AI in the NOLF games wasn't designed for it) did lead them to FEAR.
I still dislike the game a great deal. But, it fits. Most of Monolith's expansions are subpar.

From the Plasma Pak for Blood with featured unused levels from an alpha build of the game... to Blood 2: The Nightmare Levels. Which were just... meh.
And then the Primal Hunt addon for AvP2. They can make fantastic games. But, when they try to add to them, they tend to fall short.
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