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Re: What was the last game you played: New Era
Metro 2033 (Xbox 360)

What a crapfest...
Until Bourbon dies. Then it gets dramatically better.
I like how the game's entire purpose is to trick you into wasting your ammo. That's some top notch trolling by the designers.
The game ran well on the console, and I don't think gamepad control was a hindrance. I would've liked separate audio controls. It was frequently difficult to hear what the characters were saying due to various other noises in the game. All you can do is set the game volume and the music volume. It would be better if you could turn down "environmental sounds" and everything else that isn't speech. I don't know if the PC has that option or not.
Twice I ran into an irreversible save glitch and had to replay a level of the game.
For the entire game I never once purchased anything at a "store". I never had enough ammo. Don't know if I just stink at finding hidden caches, was playing on too hard, or if that's just how the game is.
I didn't like all the sitting and watching. It seemed like 50% of play time I just set the controller down and waited (or walked "along the rail" according to the script).
I really didn't like the ending gameplay. Nothing else to say about that.
Overall, I enjoyed the game from the bridge crossing until the start of the tower. I got it for free as a toss-in with Last Light, which I'm starting next. As always the super-low price improves my score of any game.

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