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Re: Doom 4 Thread Part 2
Well, Thao Le is an id employee. According to his resume, he's associated with both RAGE and DOOM. There's a DOOM logo in one of the shots, another is called "before hell wave". There're id console messages in several shots and you can argue some shots look a lot less destroyed than what you'd expect from RAGE universe. There are buildings being consumed by something that can point towards Hell corruption... or Dead City from RAGE.

Also maybe I'm missing something but I don't see any buttons to access those sections from the main site.

Then again, why would he post that considering complete info / media blackout? That kind of doesn't make sense.

It's too early for RAGE 2, but maybe it's RAGE DLC or something. Maybe some testing environments. Or not. Who knows...

EDIT: Just noticed that one of the shots in the pack posted on DW (can't see it on the site) has XP bar with a W:\Doom4 and idTech5 Launcher. As far as I see the pack has character models that aren't on Thao Le's site. Those contain console messages.
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