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Re: Doom 4 Thread Part 2
Well, the way he worded it, if you want to dig into a supposed meaning, may imply that at least some of those shots are related to DOOM. I'd say it's very possible, especially considering that one of the models has DOOM 4 folder opened up. Industrial shots have undamaged cars that wouldn't fit RAGE and a pillar of fire suggests HoE scenario.

I wouldn't be too worried though. (IF those are related to DOOM) You can see that those are very early and definitively not final passes. Grass and possibly other elements (I think the unicycle poster) are from RAGE which suggests that those are merely concept / prototype in-engine shots. Someone said those are from 2009 (can't confirm it though) which would further imply very early stages of DOOM development. I don't know what visual style they are pursuing but it's id. I think DOOM 3 looked great in that regard, RAGE looks amazing as well (even though I don't like the Mad Max setting), I really don't expect DOOM to fail with the style or visuals.
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