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Re: Doom 4 Thread Part 2
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In the end, I really don't care what direction they go with Doom4 so long as it's well crafted and true to what id intended when they started. Doom3 wasn't what I had in mind in many ways, but it really was a solidly built game and enjoyable enough, so I could still get into it. I just don't want some publisher-rushed, half-assed, castrated money grab.
Doom 3, while competent, is one of the most forgettable shooters I have ever played. I didn't like RAGE very much either, so Doom 4 is more or less the last id game I'm willing to give a fair shake before I write them off as a has-been studio. My gaming budget isn't infinite and I'm already overloaded by games I want to buy/find time to play, but can't.

Hopefully Doom 4's overall direction is more focused. RAGE was all over the place, it felt to me id barely knew what they wanted the game to be (or alternatively, culled their vision halfway in, when they lost passion for the project). It felt like a game without soul.

For the record, I think Doom 3 was a focused design - the game "knew" exactly what it wanted to be, for better or for worse. There was very little I felt was tacked-on, it was a "pure" vision, if you will. I commend it on that, if little else.
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