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Re: Doom 4 Thread Part 2
Originally Posted by Bam050196 View Post
This has nothing to do with Doom 4, but it does have something to do with Doom 3.
Without going through the link i'm guessing its the Trailer for Doom 3 BFG edition. It looks pretty good, it comes with a HD graphics, Resurrection of Evil Expansion, a new mission pack called "The Lost Missions" + the original Doom's 1 and 2.

Although this is a major kick in the balls to people who already own Doom 3 on Steam, i already own Doom 3, RoE and all the original Doom games (plus all the id library), id will probably make a BS offer of "if you own Doom 3 upgrade to the BFG edition for 50% off original price.

I will probably only get it for the new mission pack.
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