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Re: LCD/LED 3D-TV help wanted
Hi guys!

Thanx for the ideas but I am an impulsive guy so I just bought the C7705 one. Tried it out at the store and the picture quality and 3D was very good.

Anyways I know I could have waited but then again my old 32inch Samsung Hd-ready tv is... well... just too small and has too low res and I have the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 hooked up to it so I think I will benifit from the 1080p resolution atleast when I use the pc or watch Blue-ray movies.


Yepp I know that 3d is still being developed but then again something new and better is always coming out. And from what I saw from the 3d-demo scenes everything seemed to look very nice, in my eyes atleast since I am used to the old 32inch.

Now I am looking forward to maybe I will buy it for all three systems

Ok so now you guys can tell me that I made a huge mistake... please be gentle...
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