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Re: New screenshots of DNF in Duke3D XLBA
Originally Posted by Steve View Post
I'm a fan of Halo 3 MP but I can understand WHY you don't like it Man, I found this funny:

I was playing a Dukematch with a room full of kids... yeah, kids, wtf? They were amazed at the SPEED of Duke. They couldn't keep up and stated they like it more than Halo 3 DM (which I do too).
That's when you start with the "When I was your age, our DMs didn't have fancy frag counters...We had to quit the game after every 10 frags or whatever when we wanted to end the round and change the map...Back in my day we had to let our modem dial up for 2 minutes before we had a connection and we had lag to contend with not only our opponents...etc, etc, blah blah."

Damn kids, Damn Halo 3.
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