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Re: Blasted samoflange!!!!
Originally Posted by EvanQuinn View Post
I just now got this....what has become of you....dnf is in a coma and is about to bust out any day now ! Shock and awesome ! No, I have no source, I just have a retarded amount of faith. And I'm not even religious.
Not religious, but has failth... common really.
Got me thinking...
3D Realms might have done better with Duke Nukem Forever as a religion as opposed to a game because...
1. Followers would NOT expect to see much until AFTER you die.
2. Followers would NOT expect a Trailer or Demo at all, stories would suffice.
3. Followers WOULD give money before the product is delivered.
4. They could make rules excluding questioning any rules.
5. All non-believers could be expelled. (leaving only Jobi)
and for the fans/followers...
6. Those who can talk directly with Duke (GB,SM) are EXPECTED to talk with us (at least on Sunday) about Duke.

etc etc...
(too many come to mind, must stop)

Well... I guess I like sources too much. I just can't believe how long I have read on this forum to see how far 3D Realms has fallen. <sigh>

But like I said... we all do irrational things. Then some of us do things SO irrational it makes up for anyone who doesn't.

YES! I do wear my Duke Xtreme t-shirt every day!* :)

*(Not really, sometimes I wear my Time to Kill t-shirt... like while I am washing my other Duke shirts for instance.)
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