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Re: updated voxel model pack?
I'm not working on voxel model pack anymore. First reason is the way eduke32 loads voxel models. It converts them to polygonal models every time when started and stores them in a different way than MD2s, MD3s and textures. Another reason is simple: I didn't play DN3D for a long time because I was playing GTA SA and making mods for it If some of you have noticed, I hadn't visited these forums.
Maybe if it were possible to disable KVX to polygonal models conversion in eduke32 and the way KVXs are stored was changed, I would do something. Otherwise I see no point in making voxel model pack. And if I did some work, I think I would start from scratch again. There are many models that don't need their resolution to be that high. For high quality there's already 32-bit mode
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