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Re: The "One-Liners/Pop-Culture References in DNF" Thread
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The only thing that quote sounds like is a snooty journalist that has no sense of humor. The guy is probably also anti-guns, voted for Obama, and believes in giving all of our tax dollars to a bunch of poor scumbag crackheads that would slit your throat in a heart beat for a hit. Some of you might be asking yourself, "how is this related?" Well I'll tell you.... Because the guy is clearly a pansy ass hippie.
I'm a "pansy ass hippy". I vote Liberal Democrat (UK party, they make Obama look like a republican). I would be anti-guns by your standards, if the UK didn't already have anti-gun laws so extreme that even I think they're over the top. I like most of the hippy ideals. I ignore the silly artificial distinctions between products for men and products for women, so I'll use "women's" deoderant and "women's perfume", etc. To ice the cake, I'm bisexual. Pansy ass hippy...I think I qualify.

Duke Nukem cracks me up. I still play DN3D and DNMP remains the only platform game I've ever liked, simply because it's a Duke Nukem game. Duke's one-liners got me right from "Those alien bastards are going to pay for shooting up my ride".
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