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Re: The "One-Liners/Pop-Culture References in DNF" Thread
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A troll?
For clarification, the quotes are largely 90's pop-culture rip offs, and are in no way Duke Nukem lines created 100% by 3DR. In fact, a lot of them are, quite literally, STOLEN, so please contact the actual writers of the lines. Your presumption that time has affected the quality of the lines is wrong - It's simply a different culture now that there was back in the 90's. In the same way the 60's looked fkn scary to someone born in the 80's.

Also, forums are about sharing opinions, but we recieve help from the forum creators in where to post. For example, I wouldn't post anything about blowing up birds with baking-soda chips in a bird lovers forum, unless I was trolling. Which you are. But you seem to be either too old or too young to realise.

Also, condolences on the medium penis. You should upgrade to large, I don't need ear cleaners or face wash at all.
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