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Re: What was the last game you played: New Era
Don't remember where i left off, but i passed the following games since i last posted:

Assassin's Creed Unity - Crap/10
Had basically nothing appealing from the previous games. Combat redesign sucks as much as the Houston Texans' season right now and the microtransactions are pathetic.
At least the cutscenes were good. I waited nearly an entire year to install/play it.

Dragon Age Inquisition - Trespasser and the Final DLC 8/10
They were good and wrapped up the game nicely, but of course weren't as open as the main game, if you could call it that.

Cradle - 6/10
I liked the music, art, and the story was fine, but it was too short and i really didn't care for the block games.

Sir, you are being hunted - 6/10
Game got too hard for me, at least to the point where fighting the newer and harder monsters wasn't really an option. I played it mostly as stealth, but it had limitations with that.

State of Decay - 8/10
Aside from the fact that zombies constantly spawned, while resources and influence more or less didn't it was pretty fun. I don't know if i got the Game of the year or the original edition. All i know is that it had the 2 DLCs with it and i only played the Lifeline DLC. The game mechanics were too frustrating for me to play the never ending one. I heard they changed them a bit, but i wanted to move onto new games.

FIFA 2016 (PC) - 9/10
I hate console games and more importantly games that require or favor game controllers/pads. In any case, the game was decent and I only bought it, because it had a few of the Women's international teams.

GTA 5 7/10
This game went dangerously close towards the Assassin's Creed Unity route for gameplay design, by offering very little gameplay. The story was superb, but all the side missions for collectibles were virtually worthless that i didn't even do any once i read up about them. Tennis, Yoga, Golf.... WHAT......THE....FAIL?!?

Judge Dredd. 8/10
I think i may have posted about it in my last post here, but don't remember. I would have given it 9/10, if it weren't for Zombies/undead and CS aka JH, etc., would have been proud of me for that. PIP wherever he is. :culture: :shock:

Mirror's Edge 5/10
I think i might have posted about this one too maybe, but it just didn't appeal to me. No stealth, crap combat, parkour is boring, cut-scenes were too e-surancey, given the in-game graphics looked amazing for it's time. Won't be getting the sequel.

I have plenty of games to go through, like Witcher 3, Pillars of Eternity, Batman, etc., but i am going to hold off and let them get patched and/or wait for most of their DLC to come out, because i hate playing a game and then forgetting the story or how to play it a year after they release DLC for it.
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