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Re: how would you like DNF being revealed?
Originally Posted by MegaMustaine View Post
The only one in denial here is you. Not going to happen, especially with current gen games not really improving graphically right now.
QFT - Vaporware often finally sees the light of day, and until then there will always be the "never gonna release it" crowd.

Until the day they buy it at Wal*Mart, they will continue to proclaim a product will "Never" materialize.

About 8 years of a general concensus that DNF will "Never" be released.

I will be tickled if the status-quo is wrong,
and if Vaporware is intentionally created to distract consumers and create a release day Buzz - it's a free country - not like the developers took our money or anything - if you pre-ordered it, all I can say is you got what you paid for, read the fine print.
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