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Re: What year does DNF look graphics wise today?
Originally Posted by Damien_Azreal View Post
Not really. There wasn't anything done in DX10 that couldn't have been done in DX9.
Amazing how someon like Carmack was so wrong if he actually said that.
But I'm skeptical that he actually said DX9 could do everything DX10 could - that's just ignorant. Perhaps it's his interest clouding his honesty.

SM3 proved we didn't need DX10, but there is plenty it "can" do that DX9 cannot.

I don't know if he's made any comments about DX11 yet. But I remember him saying it was a gimmick to get people to buy Vista. As there were no real benefits.

As far as a gimmick to buy the next version DirectX capable hardware.....

(emphasis for sarcasm)
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