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Re: No One Lives Forever / NOLF 1 & 2
Okay, in the "FPS Must Die" thread me and few others were discussing NOLF and it reminded me of an old preview for the game in an old issue of PC Gamer.
I mentioned how the game was originally designed with the player character being male instead of female.

So I dug out the issue for fun.

Here's a few paragraphs from the article....

"No One Lives Forever casts you as Adam Church, an operative in Her Majesty's Most Secret Service. This organization (code-named M10) reports directly to the Queen and handles threats to the sovereignty that the other, better-known Secret Service can't handle. Church is your typical thrill-seeker, always on the prowl for that next adrenaline rush, whether in the form of strong drink, fast women, faster cars, or super villians with aspirations of world domination penciled in on their day planners. He also has a wry sense of humor that will be exhibited throughout the game, and you can expect many jokes and one-liners at the expense of that "other" famous British agent.
Craig Hubbard, lead designer of No One Lives Forever, fills is in on the game's story: 'The adventure begins when an East German biophysicist is kidnapped by a terrorist group calling itself HARM. This doctor, liberated from East Berlin only hours before by M10, had promised information on a top-secret Soviet weapons program in exchange for his freedom. It's up to Adam Church to unravel HARM's scheme before it's too late. Along the way he'll encounter beautiful women, vicious henchman, and a web of villainy and conspiracy more complex and menacing than he could have imagined. Fortunately, he's armed with Her Majesty's latest experimental technology and his own resolute sense of duty."

From there on the rest of the article is about Lithtech 2.0, the updated engine used to run the game. Seems that the story was fleshed out and made longer when they changed character direction.

To think, one of PC gamings most recognizable female characters almost never was.
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