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Re: This is what I don't get.
This game will eventually come out... why do I know this... well c'mon people money talks, and no matter how pissed T2 could be at 3DR, when there is money to be made they settled their differences.

T2 probably had a sit down with 3DR (realizing that there would be no IP grab) and was like "hey so even though this lawsuit doesn't hold much water, we can keep you guys in court long enough to destroy you. Now you can either work with us... swallow your pride and have Gearbox help;make some money and reclaim some respect in the industry. Or we can string this lawsuit out for years and ruin you. Basic war of attrition where T2 would win would get their way and this is relevant because GB did say a while back in form spring that

George Broussard - "It's bittersweet. We went though a lot that we didn't have to because of a publisher that was all too willing to use their legal team as a weapon.

Had we not crafted a creative solution to the suit, it could have drug on and on and things could have stayed in limbo much longer than they were and it could have been a lose-lose-lose situation for us, Take 2 and the fans."

this is how I know
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