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Re: The Prey 2 Thread
A lot of what happened to Brink was having it's release moved forward just like New Vegas. Unlike Human Head, Splash Damage and Obsidian had deeper pockets and could finish the game despite the strain on finances.

Bethesda promised Human Head a 6-month extension to polish Prey 2. Bethesda later retracted the new 6-month schedule before it was written into the contract. Bethesda then began denying Milestone payments to Human Head. Bethesda was more interested in how Human Head ran their team and studio. The original contract forbid Human Head to start their own project until Prey 2 was finished. Additional time was asked to finish Prey 2 after Milestone rejection delayed the schedule. Bethesda thought the game was “lackluster” and “needed a lot of work” Bethesda attempted to purchase Human Head Studios during this dispute. Prey 2 production halted in November of 2011 until Bethesda could come to their senses. Human Head offered multiple solutions to finish the project with Bethesda. Bethesda chose not to speak with Human Head in over a year. The rights to develop Prey 2 have now reverted back to Bethesda.

What a bummer. If true, I'm so disappointed. It was easily my most anticipated game.

Re Shadow Warrior: Seeing the 3DR logo next to Digital Devolver and Flying Wild Hog on start up is going to be sweet. Really happy with what I've seen so far. We'll be seeing a ton more at E3, and it will be playable at Rezzed so it must be pretty far along and in great shape to present it to the public.
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