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Irritated Installer's problem on a x64 bit machine
I managed to install Max Payne 2 finally BUT only if I don't change the destination folder to program files (x86) folder otherwise it gives me a CRC error if I change it to another folder like C:/MP2 I tried it so many times but it never worked on a different destination just the default one, now what I ask is does this affect MaxED Max Payne 2 map editor somehow? like I mean the folder MP2 is installed in has spaces does this mean MaxED 2 would be unable to locate texture files or anything due to the folder has spaces in it? I haven't installed MaxED yet tough but I intend to and I read somewhere that you have to install MP2 in a folder without spaces to MaxED would not have problems compiling or whatever but I just can't, now it worked without problems the very first time I installed it in the default location, I wonder if this is a problem with Vista with an x64 system or just me :| and if so how to fix it?

btw I haven't installed any other game yet on a costume destination, always used the default one.
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