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Re: Max Payne 3 delayed again?
I have to say that Rockstar has definitely trimmed away a lot from the first games, obviously it's expected especially to meet modern standards that along with a different developer but I'm not sure that I've really let that sink in yet, yeah the fact that you only have 3 weapon slots is more realistic but i miss having huge pockets and "guns, lots of guns", also i find the levels and environments, where you can go...etc. massively scaled down like this game almost feels even more linear and closed off than the others, you can't open lockers and cabinets, search drawers for painkillers and ammo.. stuff like that and what the hell... where's all the bathrooms full with (mostly pointless so that's probably why it was removed) interactions with the environment like turning on sinks, showers, flushing toilets... or my favorite in the raunchy hotel levels the vibrating beds! i miss stuff like that! but i also do realize they cut all that out to keep you focused on the task at hand and to keep you moving forward and not to detract from the fluid pacing.

(although the golden gun pieces and "clues" if you were so interested and inclined did at times have your keeping your eyes peeled but even then they weren't that much out of the way and pretty easy to just stumble upon rather than to go searching for them.)

I miss unlimited shootdodge, they went and gave it a stamina meter... argh sometimes i really think trying to be realistic in this medium sucks man.... i just want to play an unrealistic game where the laws of the real world don't apply..... (hey that kinda sounds like the Matrix! :P ). I also found some of the levels like once you get to the docks or even some of the favela areas they really ended up hindering any use of the shootdodge mechanic, wasn't too fond of that.

They also need to focus less on making games into interactive movies, that's what it's starting to feel like most of the time... too much scripted stuff and cut scenes.

Oh sorry since we want to "keep the game moving so that you never experience a dull beat" we're going to completely remove your gameplay privileges when you want to do something as simple and "time-consuming" as climbing a ******* ladder on your own... i mean didn't anyone else notice this?

This game isn't entirely on rails but it feels pretty close at times i have to say. Hmph... /end rant

I'm still loving the game despite all of this... i just.... ugh ..... nostalgia... those first two games were completely solid experiences for me and I'm just having a hard time trying to separate them from the new game, it's probably just modern gaming trends in general ******* things up like it usually does.... i dunno i bet if the first games where made today i probably wouldn't like them at all.

c'est la vie.
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