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Re: Duke Nukem 3D: High resolution pack released
IHerman said:
I'll translate that for ya:


They only link to my mirror, though. I hope there are going to be more mirrors. Do we have a list of mirrors for the total pack to I can mail it to them. I don't think quite a bit of bandwidth isn't a problem, but 10.000 people downloading 77Mb from my site is going to piss my ISP off.
The only two mirrors so far are yours and Charlie's.

I've been maintaining a small webpage for a while now that links to almost anything related to Jonof's port. So I'm keeping a list of mirrors there,

But, I don't have enough room to host anything. My internet provider only gives me three 10mb accounts.

Also, is it possible that someone here could make up a sepreate pack for all the Atomic Edition map hacks? I'm pretty sure I have everything in that pack, and don't really want to download it all again.
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