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Originally Posted by Boosh View Post
I'm pretty sure it wasn't called the Ripper until the Atomic Edition, was it?

Meh. I always preferred Chaingun, anyway. I think it's obvious it's the same gun, but what's cool is the idea that the Pigs will carry something other than shotguns.

BTW. This has got to be the best damn thread to come along in a while.

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Oh. And I really don't like the new look of the Shrink Ray. Didn't like it in the Jace Hall footage, don't like it now. Also the look of Mighty Boot stepping on the shrunken bad guy looked a bit... awkward to me.

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I'm too lazy to find the quote, but I seem to recall something from George confirming alternate fire.

Could be completely wrong, though.

Most of the weapons in HL:2 had alt fire. Pretty bad ass alrt fires, too! I think my favorites were the shotgun (both barrels firing at once) and the Combine gun (I think that's the right one -- alt fire shot the singularity that disintegrated the enemy).
It's likely that many of the different enemies will carry different weapons. This has positives and negatives. Positives include the aliens being mixed up a bit, negatives are that you don't always know what you're facing.

With the shrink ray and the boot stepping on the aliens, a few of the things that were wrong with it was that the leg went through the gun a bit (as though the gun wasn't there) and that the shrink ray blocked the animation of the stomp a bit. Those might be why, in which case they are probably fixed by now.
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