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Best ROTT Editor?
Hey guys! Let me start off by introducing myself. I'm a big fan of all the old 90s Apogee and id Software games, but what really brought me here was Rise of the Triad. I'd heard of it from time to time, but never really gave it a try - then I got myself a copy and pretty much spent my entire summer playing it! I've been through the original levels and have just started the Extreme Rise of the Triad maps as well. I have to say, this game is brilliant and way too underappreciated.

I want to make some maps for the game. I'm not sure at the moment if I want to just do one episode full of difficult maps or take a more balanced, four episode approach. I've mapped for Wolfenstein 3D before, so I know how floor codes and everything work - I think I could really get into this easily.

Except for one thing. The ROTT modding community is almost nonexistant (kind of disappointed, was hoping to see more of you guys), and I can't decide what editor to use. RottEd seems to be the most intuitive as far as the interface goes, although for whatever reason, the grid is all stretched out. I'm assuming it's either Windows XP not liking the program, or the fabulous VGA icons I got from here.

The other one that seems to be gaining popularity is Birger's 3D editor, but I don't really like the control scheme. It runs really well, but I don't like having to manually toggle between insert/delete for adjusting tiles when there should really just be a "LMB to add, RMB to remove" sort of thing.

Are these two the best? Are any of the old DOS editors (other than Ted5) worth trying?
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