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It clearly has it's audience when based in it's own world otherwise games like Zelda and WoW wouldn't be successful, but when you try to mix it with sci-fi it's a dead duck and completely off putting to me - could you imagine a sci-fi Zelda?

Regarding Star Wars, I never considered 'The force' concept (before Lucas ruined it in the second trilogy) magic. I saw it more as 'the one' type deal we saw in the Matrix where one (or a group) are thinking/acting or are physically on another level compared to the people around them. Plus, the Star Wars characters are all alien as well.
The Matrix was sci-fi but the sequels tried to obfuscate Neo's Oneness with spiritual elements. Sciencing up the Force with Midichlorians also altered canon and broke self-consistency. Now if Zelda or WoW had sci-fi elements from the start in harmony with fantasy, it could have worked. Look at He-Man (MOTU).
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