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Originally Posted by Kalki View Post
The Matrix was sci-fi but the sequels tried to obfuscate Neo's Oneness with spiritual elements.
I think this might explain why the sequels are thought of as being far inferior to the first.

Sciencing up the Force with Midichlorians also altered canon and broke self-consistency.
Yes, I agree. Somethings are better left unknown; the fate of the characters at the end of The Thing; the origin story in Aliens; the knight in Indiana Jones, and so on.

Now if Zelda or WoW had sci-fi elements from the start in harmony with fantasy, it could have worked. Look at He-Man (MOTU).
I think you're clutching at straws if you have to look at something like He-Man.

Final Fantasy is a better example maybe. I'm not really a fan of that universe though so I'm not 100% sure.
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