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Re: Rumor: Borderlands Studio Reviving Duke Nukem Forever
Originally Posted by Detharin View Post
As long as the thread is open we can rampantly speculate. I might as well jump on board.

What do we know? We know the lawsuit was dropped. We know DNF is not canceled. We know the team was let go. All of this points to the fact that something, somewhere is going on to further game development.

Does that mean Gearbox is finishing the game? Perhaps. Does that mean someone else might be finishing it? Also perhaps.

What I find interesting is that after all this time IF it is being finished it is likely being done with limited input from the 3DRealms people who struggled to get it this far. Was DNF done enough that another team can fill in the gaps sufficiently without losing out on the Duke feel?

At the end of the day however Duke Nukem Forever may create the birth of a new term. What exactly do we call vaporware that pulls itself back together, gets released, and rocks?
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