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Cool Re: AWOL Source Release
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YEAH!!! JUST SEEN THIS THREAD POSTED! Ive been waiting many many many years to get my hands on a playable version of this. I guess my post in the Decay thread about Hudson Reviving the Mod wont really become that much of a reality but im sure that maybe with this release it might influince some people to fix up the code for Eduke32 (If Applicable) and fix whats missing and add in some models and such if its thats going to be fine with you?
It's something we've been talking about for a long time now.. it's time the original AWOL source was released. Not only so people who have been curious about it over the years can actually play it, but so people can actually see that we weren't talking out of our asses about the vehicles and other features

The mod is basically done, it's just short on maps.. always was. Once the source is released I would hope someone would try to finish it up, but who knows. Expect to see vehicles and AI bots in every Duke mod from here on out after we release this

But seriously, if anyone would like to fix this up with the new EDuke32 enhancements and build off of it adding new features it's completely cool with us. I would actually love to see something like that, i'm sure Reaper would too
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