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This brought a tear to my eye... here's a wee bit of backstory.

When I was about 7 years old, the very first computer game I ever remember playing was Crystal Caves. My dad had a friend in a band who had this amazing computer, it was a 386 with DOS 6 I believe. He had a BBS online almost all the time and downloaded this new shareware title called Crystal Caves.

My dad then took me to this bookstore he recommended, which also sold shareware titles from id, Apogee, and Epic Megagames. I recognized Mylo immediately and we bought the game that day.

I played it non-stop, beat it countless times, dreamed of the game, wrote stories about it, drew pictures and even painted a cardboard cut-out of Mylo that was life-size as an art project. And this was just the shareware game!

Finally, the other day, after hearing some rather bleak news from my workplace and moping around being rather depressed, I randomly remembered Crystal Caves and the Twibbles and thought "holy crap, I wonder if I can get the game somewhere?"

Sure enough, the 3DR store still had disks available! I ordered it immediately, and about a week later, a box from Texas shows up on my doorstop. Mana from heaven.

I was 7 all over again... and all of the sudden having recently being terminated from my job didn't matter at all.

I smiled the rest of the day and pulled out my old 486 laptop and got to playing. Wow, I suck! I have no idea how I had the patience to get through it multiple times over, the game is BRUTAL!

I've attached a couple photos, of my original shareware from Titanium Seal and of my new full game running on DosBox! I could not be more proud to finally own this game, despite some 16 years after the fact.

Thank you, Apogee! This recession is crap, but all you need is a good classic EGA game to remember when things were simple and hey, life is good for even just a little bit.

Crystal Caves Shareware Cover

Crystal Caves Shareware Disk

Crystal Caves Ep.2 DosBox
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