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Love Re: The Prey 2 Thread
Originally Posted by Damien_Azreal View Post
And yeah, I read that recent write about PREY 2 this afternoon. I'm just saying Bethesda's excuse is clearly bullshit. They want to site a lack of quality as to why they delayed PREY 2... yet released a steaming pile like Brink.
Yeah man.

This is the part that really clarifies why Bethesda would pursue Human Head so aggressively. "Bethesda thought they could bully [Human Head] into a corner. It was one of few studios that could work with and improve id Technology. They wanted to buy us at a sweet price. They were bleeding us dry.

Aside from Raven, who are owned by Activision, Human Head are one of the only other studios that have over a decade of Id Tech experience that could be bought. I mean they managed to make Id Tech 4 support open-world gameplay. That's huge!
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