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Re: Doom 4 Thread Part 2
Originally Posted by hanged_man View Post
i believe they're going to focus on their major titles at the moment (Wolfenstein and Rage)
Sure but that doesn't mean they won't throw a teaser or something. Wolfenstein already gets a lot of attention, while Rage will without a doubt get some on E3 and / or QuakeCon. Id didn't want to have Rage two years from their 2008 QuakeCon so if everything goes as planned, they'll focus on it on this years QuakeCon and have it released sometime in 2010. DOOM doesn't need to have a big showing this year but they won't ignore it. They may have a teaser or a behind-closed-doors demo to gather attention. Or a shot or two. I'm almost certain they will show media in some form. That doesn't have to mean it's coming soon.

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I wouldn't expect anything more than a logo.
But... We already have a logo.
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