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Duke Nukem Forever: A very long time fan that still has faith, my story
Admins, lock if you must, just read it first, I hope my story touches someones life in some way...

You all don't know me, I have never written on these forums before, but have been watching them for over 12 years. Ever since my dad brought me home Duke Nukem 3D, and I saw my first pair of digital knockers, I have been forever changed, my life is completely different, for better or worse than it would have been if I hadn't had Duke.

Duke is a lifestyle, he is an American hero, basically, he makes us look bigger and better than everyone else, he has "MADE IN USA" branded on his ass, and he literally defines my generation. Ever since the first trailer for DNF on the Manhattan Project CDROM I have been coming to this forum to look, read, and reflect on what was coming.

I feel the same frustrations that all of you do, but even when the worst was happening (May '09) I kept my hopes up, and I still feel the same way.

Why am I writing this? 12 years ago I almost joined the forum, but I decided to wait until it changed from WID to ID. I never knew it would take so long, but, as we all know, it did. I am writing this today because I feel the wait is almost over.

Now, who am I to say such crazy things, why should some nobody like me be allowed to talk like this? I might not be allowed to talk like this, and if thats the case this thread will be deleted, and that's fine, but I feel that my opinion matters.

Like I said I have been following this franchise since the early days, I have had actual email correspondence with George, not about development, but the gaming industry in general, I can say he is a great guy, very polite and willing to give advice to new industry hopefuls.

I'm a motion graphics artist and video editor, but I originally wanted to get into game art, I am very passionate about games, I don't play many at all, but I wait for very specific titles. Not a single day goes by where I don't at least 'wonder' about DNF for a few minutes.

Unlike some of you, who are mostly not here anymore, I never gave up hope, not for one second that this title would see the light of day, and I waited, I waited for my time to speak. I believe that time is here, when E3 rolled around, I knew it wasn't the time, all these rumors, I've just been sitting back and shaking my head, but finally, I believe it's almost time.

The recent rumor of Gearbox taking over development is spreading like wildfire, every few hours another news source picks up the original Kotaku post. I am writing here today because I am certain, 100%, that Duke Nukem Forever will be given a release date by the end of this year, we may not see it until some time later, but we will be given a release date.

I don't even feel the need to prove my point, I understand how jaded you all must feel, years and years of disappointment, but the assumption I have is coming from a fan that has never once succumb to a false rumor, never once gotten excited about things that never happened.

So, if you're still reading this, don't take this as seriously as a post from the man himself, or Take2 or Gearbox, take this as a very clear headed, responsible thinking, not corrupted by hype fan of a series that changed his whole life.

Thank you for reading this, I'm happy to finally introduce myself to the DNF Forums after all these years.

Always Bet On Duke
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