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Suicide Bombers BETA
Im working on this SP-mod for Prey called Suicide Bombers, and I've just finished the crude script-version so I thought I put it up here to see what you guys think. Any comments would be helpful!

The game features are the following:
*ALL enemies (except the final boss) will try to get as near to you as possible, so they can blow themself to bits! The AI is unfortunately at the moment a bit stupid.
*Since the concept is making the wrench kind of obsolete I've added a paralysing shot on the Alt-fire. This ability is crucial to survive certain enemies. I've have not yet made a working projectile though.
*Corpses blow up after a certain amount of time
*Gibs for the win!

I'm planning to make some customized maps later on, but I'm more of a script-guy so if there anyone makes a funny map for this mod I would be extremly grateful.

To install, just dowload and extract the files from below into your folder where you installed Prey. Then when in the Prey main-menu choose mods -> Suicide Bombers.
Download Suicide Bombers

Warning! The paralysing wrench and letting enemies blow up by themself has a tendency to ruin some map-script in the SP-game so make sure to save often.

As I said, any comments would be useful! Happy hunting!
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