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Re: John Carmack on Functional Programming in C++
Originally Posted by KO Gilligan View Post
* efficient and logical

and that's a funny rant. I wonder if John secretly looks at us like a bunch of instinct-driven primates, stumbling around and practicing trial and error on everything.
From the Masters of Doom book (which I recommend to read) it seems like that - but we like to simplify things and for the readers this may be just easier to characterise Carmack as a soulless robot-overlord. There is very little information about his personal life and I suppose he is very protective over it. This sort of persona - Engine John, the ultimate technocrate may be just created by him for his advantage.

Originally Posted by 8IronBob View Post
I guess there's a reason why he's been into this business for almost a quarter-century.
Actually there is very little reason why he is in the video game business still. He is far better doing in the rocket industry - and there is still some work to do for commercial payload solution other than hunderds of people brute-force copy/paste textures for another COD clone like in video games.

And regarding the video game business - Carmack policy is just DISASTROUS. This is why they have Todd as a CEO not Carmack. John does almost everything no other guy in the business does (other than suicidees or crazy people) - he releases the source code, he supports mod tools, he criticizes his own products and engines he intentds to license, he bashes consoles for their limitations and lack of power, he clearly states PC as a platform is superior to others. I mean dude has balls but this is full-retard mode for any business practice.
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