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Help verificating secret areas
Hi everyone.
I'm making a guide of all secrets for every Duke Nukem 3D map I get in my hands, from Atomic Edition, Duke It Out In DC, Duke Nukem 3D mods...etc...
But, when I reached Total Meltdown maps, and saw Plug'N'Pray levels, I met trouble. I had to watch videos because I haven't PSX version. I nearly have located ALL of the secrets of the seven Plug'N'Pray maps...but some lacking of "A Secret Place!" message on screen (how much I HATE this...), added to some "secrets" which doesn't count as genuine, makes me wonder which ones are the true secrets in two of the maps of the kick-ass episode I couldn't enjoy yet (but I hope so, in the future).
The secrets I've got located are:
-Nightmare Zone (9 secrets. All located).
-Trackside Tragedy (8 secrets. All located).
-Gates Motel (5 secrets. Have doubts about one of them).
-Duke Royale (6 secrets. All located).
-Alien Rendezvous (2 secrets+secret exit. All located).
-Faces Of Death (secret level) (2 secrets. All located).
-Ministry Of Fear (8 secrets. Have doubts about one of them).

All right, talking about E4L3: Gates Motel:
1-The bed which drops to a basement. Located.
2-Secret wall in kitchen's cold storage, for Shotgun Ammo. Located.
3-Fireplace in the green room with ceiling tentacles, for Portable Medkit. Located.
4-Before exit, the secret (timed)door opened in the twin green aisles with Asault Enforcers, for Devastator Ammo. Located.
5-....yuck...I don't know. I doubt about these:
a) The secret little door above brown couch at Start's hall, for Shotgun Ammo and RPG Ammo?
b) The Silence Of The Lambs' secret room (for a RPG), in the basement accessible via swiveling bookcase (I seriously think the genuine 5th secret is this, but have doubts...)?
c) The steroids in the grubby, oversized toilet's depths?
d) Blowing up the exploding canisters underwater, to get Freeze-Thrower?
e) the Poltergeist TV's teleporting?

Anyone has idea of which one of these five choices counts as the genuine fifth secret in Gates Motel?

And E4L6: Ministry Of Fear's :
1-DJ booth, the bookcase hidding Devastator. Located.
2-In the large disco area with Magnum P.I.G.s and the elevator-platform, there's a large wall with lights which opens, for Large MedKit and Pipebombs. Located.
3-Disused lift after the Yellow Key Card's unlocked gate, blowing up the crack, for Large MedKit, Shrinker and Shrinker Ammo. Located.
4-Getting the Red KeyCard in the alcove. Located.
5-Cola vending machine in arcade, to secret locker room. Located.
6-secret wall at immediate right of unlocked Red KeyCard's Gate, at Cyberkeef's arena, for secret room. Located.
7-Once at Cyberkeef's arena, blowing crack to the back street of the disco, blowing up crack in the armory, for Atomic Health. Located.
8-...I think, it must be the flickering green space opened in the area with zig-zag pattern walls, which have a slope going up (it's an area which has a large wall which opens, with lots of Enforcers, and which you can hear screaming women. Do you know which one I mean?). The space which opens after going in the large area opened, has RPG Ammo.

So, am I wrong or am I right? is this RPG Ammo in that flickering green space, the last secret in Ministry Of Fear?

If anyone around can help me to verify these two secrets in these two maps, I would be glad to know. Because the videos only showed "A Secret Place!" message in these I've located. Maybe it showed too fast to see it...but I doubt it, I've watched every crucial spot several times...and I haven't seen nothing.
If anyone can help me, thanks.
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