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Re: My Glorious Rebuild
I don't know if they've improved things since then but it sure didn't impress me.

I also think 1 good card is the way to go. Maybe if you didn't care about power consumption or cost and had a use for bragging rights and cuda cores then I suppose.

Not going to lie, the last card I bought was a XFX 9800GT, my "new-age" gaming has been put on hold due to lack of interest in the new stuff.
My desktop that I considered to have some horsepower was a q9550 with the 9800 and I don't even use it, lol.
(BTW a 8800/9800 was a pretty badass card )

I use my i5 laptop(intel gfx) connected to a 24" screen/kb-mouse for everything now, lol. Sad?
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