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Re: how would you like DNF being revealed?
OK, if... Just IF George is planning to go to E3 (again, just theory),
I would do it like this:

Get a stand for DNF but keep it covered behind a curtain or something (top secret).
If there is a guest list, 3DR should be named "unknown" or something like that. Keep it silent! Keep it secret!
Ok, back at the stand...
The only thing visible to the audience is a large LCD display, or a huge monitor wich shows a countdown (let's say to 6pm or so) and the words:
"MELTDOWN IN:" nothing more.

Since the Hall is pretty big (at least I think it is), I would fuel the peoples curiosity with 15 or 20 absolutely HOT chicks
in Atomic bikinis and thongs, just walking arround, teasing the audience, but don't give away specific info about the product.

Additional to that, I would play an hourly countdown status over the speaker system. Imagine a woman with the most erotic voice you can find in L.A., that should do the job!
When the countdown is over, a huge atomic explosion is palyed followed by the newest version of the grabbag theme. Curtains go up
(better if they would just burn off, but that's to dangerous) and DNF is revealed by George, Scott and special guest John Saint John.

OK, it might not be everybodys taste of cource, but what ever happens,
don't take the babes away!!! PLEASE!
If looks could kill they probably will,
in games without frontiers,
war without tears... -- Peter Gabriel
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