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Re: How long do you think DNF's campaign will be?
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But thats Duke Nukem. Thats all there is to it. Add much more and you get a contrivance. The best Duke has ever been in terms of narrative was "Duke Nukem : Zero Hour." And that had the 'depth' of any good action movie. Enough to keep you entertained and move the story long, whilst also staying the freck out the way.

Duke smokes cigars, drinks beer, oogles chicks. Aliens mess all of those things up. Hes just minding his own business, and BAM! Chicks are being stolen, beer is being spilled, and he didnt even get a chance to light the stogey. So hes gotta kick some ass.

Here's the thing people both in Hollywood and the video game industry dont seem to get... You dont over work the plumbing with a character like Duke. Its straight forward for a reason. I dont want emotional scenes, I dont want overlong cinematic sequences explaining exactly what aliens do to women, and I sure dont want to get into the aliens politics.

Get the lead out and kick some ass. No bullshit, no bubblegum. I mean, doesn't aliens stealing our chicks piss you off? Isn't that enough to get your blood pumping, adrenaline flowing, and your testosterone surging?

Here, i'll let this review of the movie "Turok : Son of Stone" elaborate, because it addresses this far more elegantly.:

Bottom line, i'd take a shorter Duke Nukem Forever campaign if its GLORIOUS. If it over stays its welcome, and turns into Doom 3, where you go through a bajillion Alpha Labs, things get repetive. Its more of a harm than a help.

Besides, if DNF is playing its cards the right way, I should want to go back and play it again and again. There should be a lot to explore, lots of interactivity, lots of hilarity and injokes to find. Cram in a billion lifeless locations all day, nothing will beat focus, fun, and style.
Aw man! I loved Doom 3 D:
Honestly... I really hope Duke Nukem Forever has a good backstory and character development. Gameplay is always the most important thing in a game... but there had better be a good story in DNF. And some easter eggs for good measure.
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