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Re: The Gate questions
Originally Posted by atomic View Post
Question 1: Is it true it's the all-around best unofficial map-pack for Duke3D there is?
It's certainly one of the best along with such TCs as LR&WB, SST & Fusion.

Question 2: If so, why I barely found 1 download location, why don't people talk about it more? It's IMO lightyears ahead of the Roch, Red series that are being recommended here all the time.
My review of the mod points to four download locations that I was able to find easily. I'm sure there are many more.

Since it is one of the oldest TCs people have had years to talk about it so don't expect all talk to concentrate around 2008.

Roch & Red levels are just usermaps, not TCs. Many prefer usermaps instead of stuff that varies more from mainstream Duke3D stuff.

Question 3: Where could I find a walkthrough or secrets list for it (I've already googled)?
You can't.
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