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Re: Doom 4 Thread Part 2
Originally Posted by Monkey Butler View Post
I'm just a bit wary when they say things like "3x the graphical fidelity" and "30fps", because to me that sounds a lot more conducive to Doom 3 gameplay than Doom 1/2 style gameplay. I'd much rather the run-and-gun, masses of enemies carnage of the originals over a monster-closet horror FPS with ridiculously good graphics.
The original Doom (1/2) ran in VGA mode 13h which had a hardcoded refresh rate of 70Hz. To synchronize, the Doom engine waited for VSYNC twice each frame, which as a result had a maximum FPS count at 35fps. So the original game ran at 35fps, not 60 or 70 or anything like that. This is why some modern source ports have more smooth gameplay than the original engine - they uncap the maximum framerate to whatever your PC supports.

Doom3's pre-released screenshots looked more like this and this than like this and this.

They show about the same stuff, but the pre-release shots are "designed" to look more cool and awesome than what the actual in-game shots look like. The same applies for in-game videos - they're edited (cutted and ordered, not modified) to look good and awesome but this awesomeness is actually present only in a few moments of the game, not at the whole game experience as the videos usually make it to look like.
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