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Re: Always bet on E3 2010?
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Reason? Your post amuses me slightly, Joe, because I have a hard time seeing how anyone can find any reason due to "the dissolving of the 3DR development studio". With all Scott has teased, all videos leaked, Duke reading samples from Microsoft Word and all sorts of deranged things I don't know what to expect anymore. I would not be surprised (though a bit startled) if this whole thing would be revealed as a hoax or similar (not that it will, of course...), or if the release date is announced in some glorious way (for example at E3). You talk about reason? This is not reason, this is madness.

How is it going by the way, Joe, have you found any new job yet?
I didn't pick up any "offensiveness" in there and I think you made yourself pretty clear. I have to partly agree with you. When the dev team was let go and the studio shut down I thought "well thats the nail in the coffin...for a while at least." Then the lawsuit even further entrenched that thought in my mind...

Now bring in all the teasing from Scott on Facebook...He's leading all the fans on ... and if it comes out to be some giant #$^@-tease and nothing comes of it, the backlash is going to result in the loss of pretty much everyone thats followed Duke through thick and thin. You simply don't do that after this long, meaning that he's feeding tidbits of information without good reason. To do so would be slapping everyone in the face.

Personally I think it's flat out wrong to lead fans on with little pieces of information here and there without any solid information. Some people say, "Wow, look, the studio and everyone in it got scrapped - is that enough for you to believe it's over?" And then everyone sees what Scott is posting on FB and....well what do people believe? I think it's pretty far-fetched to believe this is all a hoax and I do not personally believe that. I do believe everyone got canned. But what happened since? To be? Not to be?

I don't mean to have a sour or snide attitude here because I don't at all. I understand there's a lawsuit involved, but bottom line is this: Put up or shut up. It's very simple.
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