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Re: Wolfenstein: The New Order
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Also, either I "missed it" or something, but I'm not seeing where the game just "falls apart". As the game is just as polished and fun in the later sections as it is in the opening. I'm enjoying the hell out of it.
So far, fantastic story plus fantastic gameplay. This is an awesome shooter.
The game blatantly rushes to conclusion after the Spoiler:
Amongst other ass-pulls, Anya intercepts important codes from Berlin seconds after she's told to keep an eye out for them. I got the distinct feeling they had to drop planned content and just cram all the plot development they wanted to do into the last handful of missions.

I felt the actual level quality went to shit after you Spoiler:
. Everything from there onward felt rushed and of lesser quality. The Spoiler:
in particular was underwhelming as hell to me. The game felt like it ran out of tricks hours ago by then. And Deathshead himself was...Disappointing I guess? I feel he deserved a better fight, not the uninspired crap we got (Most interestingly, they reuse Spoiler:
). He was the long-running villain in Wolf, over a decade old. His death was just lame.

In many ways this is the anti-DNF. DNF starts horribly (it's seriously 1h+ until the game picks up momentum and you start getting into some interesting combat situations) with all the Duke Cave, RC car and walking simulator bullshit. Wolf TNO starts excellently (the very first mission, the offensive at the Deathshead Compound in the 40s, has BY FAR the most amount of kills of all missions in the game) and starts slowing down and down. About 3/4 in I really wanted to be done with it already.
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