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Re: Theory of the D-day
Originally Posted by MegaMustaine View Post
Gearbox had how many games in production? They have how many employees? They also seem to be hiring a number of employees. Ask yourself this:

What is the team they assembled for Duke begins working on?

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Hmmm... lets see, Aliens: Colonial Marines. A new Brothers in Arms game, a sequel to Borderlands. And for a team of about 150 people... three projects is a LOT.

With Duke Begins on hold, that opened up people to work steadily on Aliens now. And remember, Aliens was put on hold so Gearbox could finish Borderlands.
Back when they employed 143 people they had to put a game on hold so they could finish Borderlands.
So, what are the Duke Begins guys working on? Aliens, and possible the new BiA game.

150 people are not a lot when developing multiple titles. Monolith employees 100+ people, but has said working on more than three projects at a time can be overkill.
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