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Re: Anyone recommend this?
8IronBob said:
Actually, there are some arena-style maps that I built for the original Quake from about 5 - 7 years ago that I'd like to bring into UT 2004. Not too sure how easy that would be. However, UT's engine is a little more complex than that of Quake, we know that. With Quake, it was all about brushes melded together to make a room, and they had to be totally airlocked, or else leaks would show all over the place, I remember that. UT 2004 does take a far different approach, and should be worth getting used to.
It's entirely doable. In fact, I think that is the easiest kind of level to make with Unreal.

UT2004 levels can be made with only BSP cuts, but it's just not done, since there is so much "decorating" with static meshes that gives the levels even more life.

Like I said, I recut a duke3d level into the swat 4 editor and it's probably 90% BSP, if not more. I daresay that it's maybe 95%. It had about 390 bsp cuts and I'd ballpark the number of static meshes in my level to about 30, maybe less. If you count doors, which I would, I'd add about 10.

In reality, I would say the percentage is the other way around or so in most Unreal-based maps.

Yes, a BSP-only map will look outdated, but you can still make some fun levels. That's honestly the way I prefer it, since I don't have the time to work with the modeling programs for my own custom level work.

The only hard part in "porting" a map over from one engine to the next is getting the scale right or fairly close. If you can do that, then you can literally go by the original map's blueprints.

That's what I did with Newfort.

My suggestion is to take a few screenshots in-game on the Quake levels and then a few from the editor and then just work with those. Of course, by few, I'd suggest a full walk through of the map. when I did a screenshot walkthrough of Newfort, it took about 40 pics.
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