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Re: Changes in UnrealEd 3.0 from UnrealEd 2.0?
Originally Posted by 8IronBob View Post
Ahh, so your saying that UT3's editor is turning out to be more like the rival to Valve's Source tech?
I mean, just like Valve went from the old Quake/HL1 tech to the new, graphically imrpoved Source version, it's night and day, much like the new UnrealEd tech from UT2004 to UT3/GOW. Got it.

Then again, I believe that Source/Quake, too, allows you to carve a skybox/global room while building the rest of the map as brushes (good way to cut down on leaks, as opposed to building the big room with six separate cube brushes), which is pretty good, but probably still different from how the UE would do things, obviously.
It's not really more like the quake style editors you just start with a void instead of a solid mass. It's still CSG and the brushes still work exactly the same other then a few tweaks to the user interface. All the things I used to use in ue 3.0 for brush manipulation works more or less exactly the same.

building a hollow cube is done using 2 brushes in unreal engine, one additive to make the cube then one subtractive to cut the hole. There is never really a reason to build things like that using 6 cubes although teachnicaly that would work to.

I havn't touched the mapping tools for source so maybe they suport CSG as well now.

You shouldn't be relying on brushes for anything any more though. Static meshes is more or less always better from a performance point of view and support light mapping now so they can do anything brushes can now other then the obvious convenience of changing things easily in the editor.
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