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Re: Birgers/JB's WinRott Port Thread Part 2
Here's the latest update info:


Colors of keys in any given level being the wrong color(s) - fixed

Intt. audio glitch, if a lot of a enemy was in the same area making the
same sounds at the same time, the video rendering could slow down to
a crawl - fixed (at least on my systems) should also work correctly on
your system.

Wind wouldn't work, even if turned on in the menus - fixed

Shareware fanfare apogee animation you see when you first run the
game, colors messed up - fixed, but not verified by me, I hope to get the
latest beta source code so I can verify this for myself.

Bugs NOT fixed/or in process of being fixed:

No preview screen seen while in load/save game menus - nothing new on
this one at the moment.

Random maps - still partially broken - nothing new to report here at the
moment either. disabled in shareware at the moment (or something like that)

Multiplayer - Still being worked on, maybe a beta version in 2 to 3 weeks


Download Winrott here:

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