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ROTT Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 Music Pack
Like the similar SC-55 Duke3D soundtrack I made, I decided to make an SC-55 soundtrack for ROTT as well. I know somebody else made a very good music pack already and I'm not degrading his work at all because it sounds like he did an excellent job. But this music pack represents how the soundtrack sounded back when it came out the way it was meant to be heard and composed for. Lee Jackson used a Sound Canvas to compose all the MIDIs for the games he worked on. So this pack is for the people who like the classic sound and want a recreation of the best of what people were playing with 15+ years ago. I'm sorry about using MegaUpload but I can't seem to upload files any bigger than 25 MB on my website as it just cancels itself all the time. Perhaps somebody can help me mirror it.

All tracks are encoded in OGG format in Quality 3.00 (112 kbps nominal bitrate):

ROTT SC-55 Music Pack 56.54MB ZIP
Roland SC-55 Music Packs Website
- MediaFire mirror for Duke3D expansions
More SC-55 music packs coming soon...
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